A photo of a police officer with a woman.

Crisis Intervention Team

A community-based collaboration between law enforcement, mental health agencies, consumers and family members, NAMI-Charlotte, and CPCC.


Referral Disclaimer:
All referrals are provided as a resource to CIT consumers and the providers to whom you are referred are independent of, and unaffiliated with the CIT Program. CIT does not endorse providers or their competence or qualifications. CIT provides referral options based on the provider’s reported areas of expertise or skill. It is your responsibility as a consumer to determine whether the provider to whom you are referred is a good match for you. CIT can make no claims concerning the expected outcome or success of any services you may enter into and likewise is not responsible for the actions of any referred providers. We do welcome your feedback about your experience with any referred provider. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, you may contact CIT at any time. Thank you.